• What items can be stored at MiniCC Storage Shanghai?

    MiniCC Storage Shanghai is a German Self-storage. We offer storage for private individuals or business storage units and we are sure we can find the right size for you too!

    What can be stored?

    MiniCC Storage Shanghai offers storage units from 1-50m² or even more if needed for private or business clients! For example we have small size storage for clients to store personal stuff. And we have medium size storage to store some small furniture or documents. If you need bigger size storage to store furniture or company stock, we also have many sizes to choose from. Furthermore, we offer wine storage too.

    What cannot be stored?

    The Client shall comply with the following: Not to use the Unit for any purpose other than for the storage of Goods. Not to keep or store, or cause or permit to be stored, any of the following in the Unit: a total value of Goods that exceeds the clients insurance cover, not insured items (at all times all items must be insured by the client insurance cover and Ministorage may ask for proof of clients insurance) food or perishable goods, birds, fish, animals, or any other living creatures, explosives, combustible or flammable materials or liquids (such as paint, petrol, fireworks, oil, gun powder, salt, kerosene, or cleaning solvents), arms, weapons, or ammunition, chemicals, radioactive materials, biological agents, toxic waste, asbestos or other materials of a dangerous nature, items that emit any fumes, smells, odors, audible noise, or vibration, illegal substances, drugs, or any item harmful to public order or safety, substances, items, or goods illegally obtained. Compressed gases, or Any other hazardous or dangerous materials or materials whose storage is subject to control by law. Failure to comply with the laws may be a criminal offense and punishable by jail.

    It sounds like a long list of items but commons sense is all it takes. If you not sure just ask us!

    More details please visit: http://www.minicc.com/terms/