• [MiniCC Storage Shanghai] Transport Service

    All MiniCC Storage Shanghai are dry, clean, secure and individually lockable! MiniCC Storage Shanghai offers storage units from 1-50m² or even more if needed for private or business clients! We are sure we can find the suitable storage unit for you too.

    We all know change can be joyful as well as stressful at the same time. Moving from one place to another, just like any other drastic life change, is usually accompanied by stress, anxiety about the future and many other minor and major headaches. If you are thinking about using self-storage to facilitate your needs, then let us help you make your life a little bit more comfortable.

    After you reserved a storage unit with MiniCC Storage Shanghai you may plan to pack all the things and organise the transportation. But it may be difficult to find a good relocation company if you don’t have any experience before. We at MiniCC Storage Shanghai understand that you might have better things to do than to worry about packing all your belongings, or organising the transport of all your precious items. That’s why we offer several packages, ranging from transportation, packing as well as All-in-One deals that include a complete packing and moving service for all of our customers.

    Say no to packing stress and let us do the work for you. At MiniCC we work closely with professional partners that can handle the whole procedure for you. Your items will be packed, transported and stored with us in the blink of an eye so you have time for other things that need your fullest attention.

    If you are interested, send us an Inquiry about your needs; there is no service we cannot handle, and if you’d prefer other ways of getting in touch with us, feel free to call or visit us personally. We look forward hearing from you!

    For more please visit: www.minicc.com