• [MiniCC Storage Shanghai] Small Storage Units

    MiniCC Storage operates 3 storage facilities in Shanghai for the clients from different area to store. MiniCC Storage offers storage units from 1-50m² or even more if needed for private or business clients in Shanghai! All our storage units are secure, clean, dry and individually lockable! No matter if you want to store luggage, furniture, document or your stock we are sure we can find the perfect storage unit for you too. Today we will introduce what SMALL UNIT can store:

    Small units: We usually classify 1-3m² units as our smaller units.  They are ideal for people wanting to store seasonal clothing, computers, luggage and document– anything you can physically carry, really. For students, the 1 cubic meter units are ideal for storing books, folders and anything you don’t want to be thinking of while on vacation. The cheapest unit is 88RMB/month. Just call us to get good offer!

    For more please visit: http://www.minicc.com/en/price-advisor-storage-shanghai/