• [MiniCC Storage Shanghai] Reduce your Office Rental

    All our storage units of MiniCC Storage Shanghai are secure, clean, dry and individually lockable! MiniCC Storage Shanghai offers storage units from 1-50m² or even more if needed for private or business clients! We are sure we can find the suitable storage unit for you too.

    Over the past years Shanghai office rentals have hit new highs and it does not seem to stop any time soon. So we at MiniCC Storage can help you save costs! Our simple advice is: “do not store items in your office”!  What do we mean by that? Do not store documents, marketing materials, goods, company stock or anything else in your office. Use that space for something more productive – meeting room, extra table with staff. Try to be more space efficient. Storing at your office is extremely expensive and it’s a waste of money. Therefore think about it twice if you really want to keep all those items stored in your office!

    You are more than welcome to visit any of our facilities and get an expert advice on your storage requirements.

    MiniCC Storage Shanghai provides storage units from 1-100m2 in a clean, secure and dry environment at affordable prices. We hope to welcome you soon.

    For more please visit: www.minicc.com