• [Minicc storage shanghai] Rainy Season Be Cautious

    We have talked about this topic for quite some time and as the rainy season in Shanghai starts yet again MiniCC Storage Shanghai would like to share our experience over the past couple of years. Last year after the rainy season there are a lot of clients moving in from other storage providers because of the mold and fungus problems. There are a lot of self-storage providers who convert basements into storage units and that is how mold and fungus starts. Basements have humidity and will always have humidity. Shanghai is in the sub-tropical climate zone making basements even more humid than other places. Therefore, our suggestion is very simple: when you visit a basement self-storage provider follow the simplest rule: RUN AWAY!!!.run as fast as you can. We cannot state this more often but basements in sub-tropical climates are full of mold and humidity which will destroy your items. Humidity causes mold and fungus and a lot of the basement storage providers in Shanghai have that problem. This problem of mold cannot be controlled as basements in Sub-tropical climates all have this problem, it does not matter were you are in sub-tropical climate zones. This cannot be solved with dehumidifiers etc. as the surrounding dampness in the walls and floors cannot be dehumidified.

    Our suggestions is that before you rent any storage unit in Shanghai make sure you go and see the facility and make sure mold is not a problem! Hint: if you see or smell fresh paint it might be a hint that a mold problem exists and the provider might have just painted over the mold.

    MiniCC Storage Shanghai provides storage units at affordable prices in multiple locations in Shanghai. Our units are not in basements and are mold and fungus free! ;-).

    MiniCC Storage Shanghai hope this short Shanghai Climate and storage topic has made you think again and helped you decide on your storage decision. For more please visit: www.minicc.com