• [MiniCC Storage Shanghai] Planning to renovate?

    Renovation and house improvements can a very tiring and costly event. We at MiniCC Storage Shanghai can help you reduce your cost!

    Renovation and house improvement works increase everyone’s standard of living. One of the main questions which always come up is what do we do we with our furniture or your personal items during renovation. Renting an empty apartment to store your belongings is an option but a costly one. MiniCC Storage Shanghai is a cheaper alternative.

    Why is renting a storage unit at MiniCC Storage cheaper than renting an empty apartment or house. We hereby give you some key advantages:

    • MiniCC Storage start rent date is flexible – same day move in is possible so you only start paying on that day!
    • MiniCC Storage Shanghai does not charge a deposit!
    • Stop Renting any time you want and pay only for the days you have used the storage!
    • Size options: only pay for the exact size you need. MiniCC Storage has the largest selection of unit sizes and we will find the right size for you!
    • Best Price Guarantee! MiniCC Storage Offers the Best Price Guarantee!

    We hope those arguments are strong enough to make you visit and decide on one of our storage units!

    Hope to see you soon,

    MiniCC Team

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