• [MiniCC Storage Shanghai] How to rent a storage unit?

    It’s easy and convenient to store belongings with MiniCC Storage in Shanghai and can be done right away. When you decided to free space at home or in your office you come to our office, or contact us via phone or e-mail. We then help to find the best storage option for your needs. The lease contract for your storage unit is clear and is as quick and as easy as booking an airplane ticket. After you sign the contract you can move your belongings in your storage right away. Our spacious aisles and moving equipment make it easy to move into your storage unit. After that you can access your storage unit according to your needs, all year round on 7 days a week. Basically there are 3 steps to get your own storage unit at MiniCC Storage.

    1. Inquiry

    Drop by in our office, give us a phone call or send us an E-mail if you need help to decide on storage size. Our English-speaking staff is happy to help you. Our website www.minicc.com also offers a lot of information and photos.

    1. Sign the contract

    Visit MiniCC Storage to finalize your decision, sign the contract and pay your first rent.

    1. Packing & Transportation

    If you need this service we can help you to contact the moving company.

    1. Move in

    After that you can use and access your storage unit right away according to your needs all year round 7 days a week.

    For more please visit: http://www.minicc.com/en/price-advisor-storage-shanghai/