• [MiniCC Storage Shanghai]-How to organize your Storage Unit

    So you have rented your storage unit at MiniCC Storage Shanghai and you are confident that the experts here have guided you to the perfect size storage unit for your needs. Now you have arrived at the storage facility with a truck loaded with your items …. What should you do?

    How do you get it all in? MiniCC Storage Shanghai will give some tips.

    The first and foremost questions you need to ask yourself is: how often will I need to get into the unit to access my things?

    Frequent Access

    If you need to access your storage on a regular basis we suggest that you leave a pathway to the back of the unit. Frequently used items should be placed nearest to the door. So put them aside so that they can go into your storage room last.

    Shelving helps make the items more accessible. It also increases storage capacity by taking greater advantage of the room’s height. MiniCC Storage has unit heights of up to 2.8m so you can take full advantage of the height!

    Infrequent Access

    If you will not need frequent access to your belongings, then rent the smallest amount of space possible and pack it full. Keep in mind to place heavy items on the bottom and lighter, more fragile items on the top.

    General Storage Tips

    Following are some general storage tips that can be followed regardless of how often you will need access to your belongings:

    • Cover your furniture with a blanket, sheet or other covering to minimize exposure to dust
    • When stacking, put heavy items on the bottom and light or odd-shaped items on top
    • When storing tables, remove the legs if possible and lean the tabletop sideways
    • When storing wood furniture, it is not recommended to put wood on wood without cloth, towels or cardboard between the pieces
    • List the contents of boxes for easier retrieval later
    • You want to list all of the items in storage and take pictures or use a video camera to record the contents

    MiniCC Storage is here to help you and make your time with us as stress-free as possible. When you organize your storage space, you will save yourself time.

    We hope this short summary helps. For more info just contract us.