• [MiniCC Storage Shanghai] 5 Tips when Choosing a Decoration Company

    Many people at some stage in their life will renovate and decorate their home. A lot of time and money will be spent on it so choosing the right company is crucial. Here some MiniCC Storage tips on choosing the right renovation company:

    1. Quality Company:

    Choose a quality company with real business licenses and experience. It can cost you much more if later on you have to change things because of quality issues. Do not save on the company doing your renovation and choose a good stable provider.

    1. Do not believe in free design

    In order to attract customers, a lot of decoration companies will offer the free design – just remember there is no free lunch – they will just add the cost to other times later on!

    1. Check quotations

    Check quotation carefully – are brands mentioned, specifications and brand materials.

    1. Inspection and Checking

    Do regular checks and inspections when the work is being done. The providers should know you check on a regular basis so the chance of cheating is reduced.

    1. Referral

    Has your friend used a company before he would recommend? Ask around as some friends might have good options.


    At last but not least – keep your furniture and other household items save and secure at one of our MiniCC Storage Shanghai (Ministorage facilities)!