• MiniCC Storage Shanghai – 10 Tips to make your home bigger

    MiniCC Storage Shanghai provides high quality of storage service no matter you need personal storage, home storage or business storage.

    Most people prefer to the small size because of the high housing price pressure. How to make your house bigger? MiniCC Storage Shanghai gives you some tips here:

    1. Use different color to decorate the room
    2. Use low furniture and light colored ceilings
    3. The cold tune makes the small room looks bigger
    4. Single colored floor makes the room bigger visually
    5. Hidden closet can save lots of space
    6. The droplight makes the dining room bigger
    7. Custom furniture can save much space
    8. Translucent curtains make you feel the room bigger
    9. Do not use small patterns of wallpaper
    10. Store the extra things in MiniCC Storage Shanghai!

    MiniCC Storage Shanghai is a German self-storage company. Our storage is climate and humidity controlled, 24/7 accessible for tenants. Every storage unit is private and secure. We also can arrange the transport for you to make the move of your items easy.